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LAYA Healthcare is joining the health insurance price war with a new low-cost plan aimed at families.

The new €775-per-adult Laya plan is around 20pc cheaper than others in the market, but there are restrictions on the hospitals covered.

This move is a significant shot in the new price war first reported in June in the Irish Independent.

Insurers are desperate to stem the flow of famili

HEALTH Minister James Reilly forced all the country's health insurers to hike charges following a request from the VHI and against the advice of the sector's watchdog, the Irish Independent can reveal.

The move resulted in an estimated 300,000 people on the cheaper health insurance policies paying more for their premiums.

Higher fees for basic insurance plans were introduced late last year,

THE Government is to continue to subsidise the cost of compensation payouts for private patients who are harmed by consultants in public hospitals.

The subsidies were introduced nearly a decade ago to keep the premiums affordable for consultants treating private patients in public hospitals.

Currently, the State pays a portion of medical negligence compensation when the payout goes above €

Health Minister James Reilly is set to step up his campaign to control health insurance costs by appointing an outside expert to chair a forum of health insurance companies.

It comes amid the continuing war of words between Dr Reilly and health insurers who say charging them for public hospital beds will push up premiums by over 30pc.

It is understood Dr Reilly is now to appoint an independe

An independent chairman is to be appointed to the consultative forum on health insurance in order to “effect real cost reductions” in the private health insurance market, Minister for Health James Reilly said last night.

The forum – made up of representatives from the main health insurance companies, the Health Insurance Authority and the Department of Health – was established last year

The coalition Government has embarked upon one of the most radical programmes of healthcare reform since the formation of the UK’s NHS in 1948. Our goal is clear. To dismantle Ireland’s unfair and inefficient two-tier model of healthcare and replace it with a comprehensive system of Universal Health Insurance (UHI), starting in 2016. We are seeking to deliver as much reform in five years as th

HEALTH premiums are set to rise by up to €600 a year for a typical family, a shocking new report predicts.

The pressure on premiums is coming from thousands of younger people ditching their cover, while older people are joining the healthcare system.

Costs of claims for a 70-year-old are 10 times those of someone in their 20s. Yet both people will pay the same if they have the same level o

THE health insurance market in this country is displaying the classic symptoms of a "death spiral".

That is where the cost of an insurance plan rapidly increases due to changes in the type of person taking out the cover.

What typically happens is that the least risky ditch their insurance or drop to a lower level of cover. This death spiral is happening before our eyes in the private health

Insurer Aviva issued the warning after commissioning a report by UCD economist Colm McCarthy, which concluded that the combination of recession and unhelpful Government policy was threatening the future of the “fragile and contracting” private health insurance industry.

Mr McCarthy said this jeopardised the Government’s proposal for a system of universal health insurance, which is pencill

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said the Government remains committed to free GP care but admitted a move to extend free doctor’s care to almost 60,000 people with long-term illnesses had been dropped.

His comments came after a report in yesterday’s Irish Times said the Government was set to abandon the key election commitment to extend the scheme to those with long-term illnesses as a first step

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